The Human Kindness Project - USA - Lost Money at Ren Fest Returned to Good Soul

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The Renaissance Festival

Last weekend, my brother and aunt drove from Michigan down to Ohio to attend the Great Lakes Medieval Festival. Matt and I had borrowed my brother's daughter about a week and a half prior. The Festival seemed a great way to end the visit and return my nice. My brother wore a kilt, my niece was a Cat Princess, and I was (according to her) Lamb Face.


We had wandered around the Festival for several hours, stopping to eat apple cobbler a la mode, chit chat with vendors in our best Old English, and watch bawdy washer wenches heckle passersby. All in all, it was a great time. Cat Princess wanted all the things, but she eventually settled on a lovely pair of earrings.



As the afternoon wore on, I spotted a wad of cash on the ground. I checked the scene; no one was near - no one was looking like they were looking.

I scooped it up.

Checked the scene again.

No one was looking like they were looking.


I knew chances were slim anyone would come looking for the $6.00 I had just found. But I also knew that it was possible. So I took that $6.00 to the nearest vendor, a lovely Indian woman selling potions and essential oils. She had an ornate metal jewelry tree on the counter, prominently displaying her handcrafted jewels for sale.

"Excuse me," I said, "I just found this money outside of your shop. I wanted to leave it here in case anyone comes looking for it."

She looks at me, takes the money from my outstretched hand, and with a practiced hand quickly slips it under the jewelry tree.

"Ok," she replies, "If no one comes for it, I'll donate it to charity."

I'd like to think that a small child, discovering the money had fallen from her pocket, retraced her steps to that very booth and recovered her missing $6.00 so that she too could buy herself a lovely pair of earrings. But even if that didn't happen, I'm happy knowing that the vendor with the beautiful soul will go out of her way to donate that $6.00 to a good cause.

Lambface at the Ren Fair

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Cool Story and nice RAK! Thanks!

Thanks to YOU for having a great idea for spreading goodness. :-)

Human kindness by you and by the vendor. People should read things like this.

Thank you! I enjoy writing things like this. I believe that people are basically good, but it is so easy to forget in a world as saturated as ours is with negative media. Kindness is the antidote. :-)

@mattifer Good RAK! It's a pleasure to know there are so many beautiful, pure, serene souls around who know one language that's kindness which can be heard by the deaf and seen by the blind!

That's a lovely thought. Kindness can be heard by the deaf and seen by the blind. That should be a poster!

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