RV Life: Rainy days

in rainyday •  5 months ago


Sometimes the small space of our RV can feel a little to small. Today is such a day. It's raining outside and we are trying to pack for our two month trip to Sweden. We're also prepping the camper for being stored, without power or cover, during our trip. Popcorn and a movie to the rescue. With the kids on the couch they will not be in our way as we run back and forth to get everything ready.
Tomorrow we go to my sister-in-law's graduation and then Only I will come back to the camper to clean it out and put it in storage. Feels like A big thing to leave our home in a hot and humid place without cover or ability to run a dehumidifier. All we can hope for is that I will be able to clean it out well enough to not attract ants or mice and also keep it well enough ventilated to avoid mold. I'll do my best but it's still scary.

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