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Finished Death Stranding a couple of weeks ago and its inverted rainbow imagery has since been stuck in my head. Even dreamed of it yesterday night, so I went on to google it out to see if it's an actual thing.

It is.

It's called a circumzenithal arc, a phenomenon that occurs when sunlight refracts through ice crystals instead of raindrops. It has something to do with hexagonal molecular structures in snowflakes. Here's a video of how it works.


Beautiful, isn't it?

Some say that it's a smile in the sky. But if we stick to that line of thought, wouldn't a rainbow be a frown? In Death Stranding, I guess it's a direct replacement of the rainbow - a play on its theme of a world turned upside down.

Maybe those fabled pots of gold are somewhere in deep space instead.


Wait ... I thought rainbows were circles and we usually only see the top part ...

Shh.. it ends somewhere!

nice, i think it's this one? clearer pic: https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap181221.html

Pretty amazing, but damn confusing if a Leprachaun looking for which end of the rainbow the pot of gold was hidden.

Space leprechauns. Might be a plot for the sequel

I have a normal one I took a few days ago here maybe mine attaches to yours?

Unbelievable ✍️

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That was awesome!

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Never seen it before. Awesome!

Wow, that's something I never knew about. Maybe an easier name for it would have been good :)

wait what are we in a parallel universe

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That is pretty damn cool. Never seen that before. Nice

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Wow! What a nice photo, @kevinwong!

That unexpected smile must have made your day, right? Haha!

did you know there are other kinds of bows? its a mandela effect..

for example sunbow

Pretty cool. Thanks for the technical explanation. It will help me impress people at cocktail parties LOL 😂

I have started Death Stranding. I am impressed with the graphics, theme and imagery. I also love the back story behind the games creation. Gamer Lore of the highest caliber.

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and here’s to a safe and Happy New Year! Cheers 🥂

Wouldn't it be amazing to see that?

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