A Nostalgic Moment- A Pluviophile's Inner Thoughts

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Plip, plop, plip, plop went the raindrops on the small puddle. Fog fills the wide glass window as the fine drizzle continues to spray the terrain one more time.


With a cup of steaming chocolate that warms down to your toes, comfy clothes that hugs your cold body, and soft pillows and blanket that gives the final comfort, transported you to the land of daydreams.


You imagine how a simple rain can turn to a horrible storm or a violent hurricane and claim lives and properties.

That depressing scene changes to a new setting, on how beneficial a quick drench from above can revive thirsty plants and extends life to places where water is so scarce.


You think of its true purpose, and its role to the daily lives of the people around the world.


One loud honk from a passing car brought you back to your senses, the gloomy environment a while ago is clearing up and the sun is taking back his place in the clouds.


A genuine smile shows your satisfaction as a stunning bow of seven colors crossed the vast sky and reminds you the comforting promise of the Almighty Creator, to never flood the earth again and wipe the human race and other living creatures.


Photo Credits: Google

I hope you enjoy reading this ;)

Have a great day! ;)


Hot Dark Chocolate Swiss Miss on a rainy day is perfect! Starting up your computer and writing a blog post should be next. The whole Steemit community awaits. Cheers!

I totally agree :D
Thanks ^_^

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