Is Ruby and Rails is the same thing?

in #rails8 months ago

Why this question arises ? Because whenever you call a developer in this field we refer them as Ruby on Rails developers?

So what does it mean, does Ruby and rails is to different thing or the same?

Actually Ruby is the programming language which is being used in any rail project.

Sar next question comes into your mind what is meant by programming language?

Ab programming language is a way to handle any type of query or condition. On which some function of a program depends on.

When will only creating up application is doesn't require any other framework then the program is pure programming language.

Like your creating an application purely with c++ language then it's up your programming language and you have no but use any framework.

But in case when you are trying to develop and web application or an Android or ISO application you need to use a framework to create the front time and to support that front and we need a back end. Any sentence is particularly done with only frameworks, but most of the back infection of anyway application on for Android application is done with programming language.

So here in our case we will web application we are front and part is done with rails and back end part is created by Ruby.

In actual situation you will find these two are used in combination not individual...

From the next section we start with Ruby programming language and then move to rails.

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