Hand Sewn Rag Dolls (Poppets)

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I make and sell a lot of dolls of all kinds but my true love in doll making will always be rag types. These are three I can not bear to sell -- they are all made entirely from early textiles 1820s to 1860s including the thread and stuffing, all hand sewn with love and intent as a good poppet should be. They posses a real magical vibe. ;)

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incredible they have lasted this long & brilliant that they are in your collection! Lovely photograph. <3

I love dolls of all kinds. Always slept with stuffed ones. Still have my Voodoo Baby from a decade ago.

These are nifty. I love how strict you are about having everything in these dolls come from the same period. The attention to detail.

Thank you. :)

I've always found those early-textile dolls rather foreboding, at least when done in this style. Just the way I like them!

I do love foreboding as a feel in general when it comes to art. :)

Thank you.