STEEMHOUSE Raffle #3 - Win a 100 SteemPower delegation for one month, sponsored by @master-delegator!

in raffle •  7 months ago

What would you do with an extra 100 SteemPower?


Trade some STEEMHOUSE tokens for a chance to find out! It's time for another raffle, and this week, our prize is sponsored by @master-delegator!

One lucky winner will receive a delegation of 100 SP for an entire month!

Raffle Tickets cost 10 STEEMHOUSE Tokens each, and you can buy as many as you'd like in order to increase your chances of winning.


Each ticket purchased will be given a number, and in one week, a number will be generated using to choose which ticket will win. All tracking of these raffle events will be conducted on our Discord Server. There you will find a list of all tickets sold, and who bought them.

If you already have STEEMHOUSE Tokens, send a transfer to:


  • You will need to transfer incremements of 10 STEEMHOUSE for additional tickets.
  • Extra tokens will not be returned. ie; if you send 25 STEEMHOUSE, you get 2 tickets.
  • Tickets will be manually listed on our Discord Server

If you need more STEEMHOUSE Tokens, you can buy them on Bitshares.

If you don't already hold STEEMHOUSE Tokens, and don't have Bitshares to trade, you can purchase raffle tickets directly for STEEM or SBD!

You can purchase raffle tickets for 0.25 STEEM or SBD each. Just send a transfer to @thesteemhouse, with a memo that reads: "Raffle". Once again, excess STEEM/SBD will not be returned. ie; if you send 0.6 STEEM, you get 2 tickets.

Show some love to our sponsor, @master-delegator!

Master Delegator is a service where you can purchase delegations of any size in exchange for a special Bitshares token! Master Delegator provides quick and easy delegations, and you can purchase a delegation for anyone you'd like! This could be a great way to temporarily boost your SteemPower, or reward people for something like a contest or raffle!

Visit @master-delegator to learn more about the project!

SPONSOR one of our raffles, and we'll give you 30% of the STEEMHOUSE and STEEM/SBD we raise!

If you make things, and can ship them to the chosen winner, we would LOVE to promote your work, and maybe even help you earn a bit more than you would have for the item! This can be anything from a painting or sculpture, to crafts, clothes, or anything else you made! If you run a project, have a digital product/service you'd like to offer, or have some other sort of prize we can give away, connect with us in the comments below, or in our Discord Server, and let us know!

The raffle starts right now, so what are you waiting for? Send STEEMHOUSE Tokens to thesteem-house on Bitshares, and enter for a chance to boost your SP for a month!


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