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Greetings, folks!

About a month ago I've created a mini project in Telegram messenger. I am publishing a few nice musical tracks there with short descriptions every day. Let me tell you a little bit more about the project itself:

  • Unique music from rare, less-known bands and unusual genres
  • Various genres from experimental and post-rock, classics, grunge, jazz, trackers/chiptunes, skate punk, to industrial, covers and just a little bit of electronic music
  • Tracks are published right in the channel, what means you can download them right away and listen offline
  • High-quality tracks are preferred (OGG quality=10), if the track cannot be found in high quality, the best available is published
  • Listeners are deciding on the channel future themselves by taking part in the voting process. Every new vote is created upon reaching a certain amount of users (current milestone is 100 listeners).
  • Channel is using the VIZ award system so that users can support my work totally for free by pressing on "VIZ" crystals under each song. This also can be used to find the tracks that are most liked by the audience.
  • You can take part in the project by sending your tracks and description. If it catches my mind, it will be published on the channel.


During the channel's existence, the audience had grown from a few people to nearly 60 listeners to date.

I would be really glad if you want to join, and of course, it's better if you call your friends. Try it out and listen for 5 tracks, you will find a real diamonds for your future music collections.

Channel itself: @radiodaily

If you prefer link:

Note 1: current channel language is Russian; I will consider moving to English or doing a bi-lingual posts after I have more subscribers.
Note 2: some of the tracks might be not supported by all devices because Telegram does not perform re-encoding for specific devices. If you don't hear anything, try playing 3-4-5 different tracks.

Join and have a great day! =)

P.S. If you're curious why this is happening in Telegram while there are more suitable places for such projects out there, please drop a question in the comment section below, and I will explain more on the topic.

@sxiii from OooSloooo City


дык сюда кидай с тэгом #tunes, оч даже не все юзают телегу. В стімпік/пікд давно внедрена поддержка аудио (правда сам я чего-то не пробовал))

Хмм, подумаю-попробую... А что за "стимпик/пикд"? =)

продвинутые интерфейсы конкурящихся форков: и, на днях как раз сделал, глядя на них, сравнительную таблицу

а можно поделиться таблицей @ili0braz?)

Ok, got to your channel, joined. Tried to play some songs. Most of them: No sound. I think it are the ogg formatted songs that does come through in my iPhone. Probably because ogg format is not supported by iPhone. My advise: Only use common formats like mp3, maybe mp4, or something like that. ogg is a cool format, but hardly any device or player supports it.

Hi @qsounds! Thank you very much for your comment. I never knew that it might be a problem for iPhones, and not a single subscriber comes back to me with this problem, maybe because mostly nobody of them has an iPhone. The reasons behind OGG is multiple, starting from being more compact while higher quality and ending with the standard youtube-dl feature for best-quality audio downloads m4a and auto-converts it to ogg. I will, however, try to stick with mp3/320 for more portability later on (as I see mp4 as more of a video format). P.S. Actually I think most devices support OGG and FLAC, it's more of a rare exception that some devices don't.

I know about the OGG and FLAC formats. Open standards, but not chosen by iPhone to support these natively. I think players can be downloaded on iPhone for support, but as far as I know, no native support. And yeah, mp4 is including video indeed.

Also, take a note that some songs do actually have silence in the first 5~10 seconds due to me trying not to re-convert them too many times from the source material to preserve maximum quality.

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