Rada Quest migration Issues

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Hi radanians, princess, warriors, gamers and other disreputable dudes!

As it is already known by the community, the Steem-Engine platform is no longer maintained by its owners. It will remain operational but its maintenance and updating has been abandoned. This fact and the low and expensive support of FT and NFT tokens made the decision to move the game Rada Quest to WAX Blockchain, much more prepared for gamification.

I would like to implement an alternative to the already dying Steem-Engine in Steem Blockchain but it is a job that requires a lot of dedication, time and investment in resources. At the moment it is on the list of possible projects.

I am working on the new Beta version of the game that includes a tool to exchange Steem-Engine tokens for WAX Blockchain tokens. This includes Taruk tokens, Soul Crystal, mini game credits and potions.

For the exchange it will be necessary to have an account in WAX Blockchain. It can be done very easily and for free with the WAX Cloud Wallet tool (https://all-access.wax.io). With that account it will be possible to log in to the game as well as market with the game assets.

Migration issues

I have received notifications from people who are having trouble accessing WAX Blockchain due to blocking by security tools (Cloudflare).

Cloudflare is a service that protects websites from DDOS attacks and other risks but it can also go overboard with its protection and affect innocent people.

I am very sorry for this type of inconvenience and I am aware of the frustration it is causing, especially among those who invested in the purchase of Taruk tokens and now see their investment in danger.

I can't do anything to remedy the situation since these connection limitations are a problem beyond my reach. But I don't want anyone to lose their investment. For that reason, I have initiated a Power Down on my main account (@marcosdk) and will activate a Taruk purchase order for those who want to recover their investment. I intend to facilitate the repurchase of up to 10,000 Taruk for a price of 0.6 Steem per Taruk.

The original sale of Taruk was for 1 Steem per Taruk but it should be noted that its owners have already participated in various dividend distributions due to which I have only received 0.5 Steem per Taruk for the financing of the project.

It will be necessary to wait 2 weeks to complete the necessary Power Down and the creation of the purchase orders.

  • 3,000 Steem on November 2nd.
  • 3,000 Steem on November 9th.

This is not the solution I would like, but it is the only solution I can offer to those who cannot follow the project, for whatever reason. I would like to thank all those who have trusted, and are trusting, the Rada Quest TCG project, even those who can no longer accompany us. I will not ask the reasons.

Status of the Code

I am working very hard on adapting the game to the WAX Blockchain. I'm learning a lot about smart contract programming and about FT and NFT management. I hope that someday all this experience can return in the creation of new tools and services in Steem Blockchain.

This week the game card package opening system will be tested, as well as the inventory. Soon a beta will be open and operational to play again. I will keep you informed through this blog.

Thank you very much for your support and your patience.


Written by @marcosdk
All the pics by @marcosdk
Twitter: https://twitter.com/radaquesttcg
Discord: https://discord.gg/DJXXpuc

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