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A boy left his parents to a far land
to a no man's land where he had no family, no friends
only people who could only see his color
instead of the man he was at heart.

He soared across many seas like the eagle
to seek higher knowledge and deeper understanding.
The pursuit of an adventurer.

He had hopes and dreams of visiting a land with free minds,
visionaries, a land where he could learn to develop his idea
take chances instead he met the glamorously dangerous
beautiful lady called reality

Who instead of an embrace of love lured him with a smile
and embraced him with the harshness of the dessert.

He learnt not all that glitters is gold
humanity is hopeless if he stopped loving
forgiving, being patient, considerate
and understanding.

Racism has a face and it is ugly
The boy understood it as he wave
He confidently rode the wave no fear