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 Racism is when someone's treated differently or unfairly just because of their race or culture. People can also experience prejudice, when a decision is made or opinion formed without knowledge, thought or reason, because of their religion or nationality.Racism takes many different forms. These can include:

  • written or verbal threats or insults
  • damage to property, including graffiti
  • personal attacks of any kind, including violence
  • being treated differently or being excluded because of your race or culture
  • having people make assumptions about you because of your race or culture
  • people making racist jokes.

It's a sad fact that racism can affect anyone. It exists in all races and cultures. If someone is abused or treated unfairly just because of their race, background or culture, this is racism - no matter where they're from. You can also be affected even if it isn't directed at you. For example, if you hear someone discriminating against someone else's culture. Even though you're not from that culture, you might still find hearing it offensive. It's illegal to treat people differently or unfairly because of their race. Nobody has the right to make you feel bad or abuse you. If you're experiencing racial bullying 



 Our views and beliefs develop as we grow up and are influenced by friends and family, neighbourhoods, school and what we see and read in the media.People who grow up in a family where racist views are expressed, or have friends who make racist jokes, might learn to believe that racism is normal and acceptable. Especially if they haven’t had the chance to interact with people from other cultures or backgrounds.Racism can sometimes begin as a reaction to world events or news stories. At other times, someone who has had a painful personal experience with someone from a particular racial group might blame everyone of that race.Everyone makes assumptions. This can happen when they don’t have the opportunity to learn about alternative views.It’s never okay to discriminate someone based on their race. If you’re worried about how your views might affect other people, it can help to imagine being someone else to try and see their points of view. 


Treatment of racism

The transformation into a state of law and institutions and the enactment of laws, legislations and constitutions that guarantee equality and justice among all members of society.

Making citizenship and national protection a criterion in the differentiation between citizens in the state.

To direct the media to focus on non-violence, discrimination, sectarianism and all forms of differentiation among members of society.

To impose laws and penalties on all forms of discrimination in society and combat them in all ways and means.

Guaranteeing religious freedom and freedom of religious practice among all members of society.