America seriously considering trump. The world is going to shit.

in racism •  2 years ago

We are doomed.

Living up to the worlds stereotype of uneducated and institutionalized racism!

What is better for a country than giving a fascist tax dodging billionaire bigot power.

America needs a hard long look into their own conscience. By voting for trump you are voting for thousands of people from other ethnicities to have a really shitty life under his presidency.

Not that middle class america cares about anything else but themselves. Anyone who is not from american can see the entire world move away from america in a sense.

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The problem is that we have a country where 50% of the country is willing to vote for a man like him. That's a sign of something. I don't think 50% of the country is white wealthy racists. 50% of the country has been left out financially, socially, or even culturally, to the point where Trump seems like something actually worth doing.

As a country you can't ignore the poor ever more squeezed industrial class. Free trade turned out to be kind of a long term disaster for them. While I do not think they are his only support, I think they see him as someone that actually talks about and to them. I rode this social and economic wave of technology to where I am now, where was that for industrial blue collar America? Should they just shut up and keep working?

While blacks in America have suffered a long and unjust history, they are achieving a break in awareness, the country is more socially aware of their plight. Of course, it's not enough to be aware, but it's a start. It's "trendy" now for wealthy Americans to "understand" black problems. Just as it is trendy to envision a world with no industrial workers, they'll all just... you know, hey robots are cool!

But it's not trendy to understand living in a trailer park to make ends meet. It's not trendy to understand your town folding because another plant decided to move to Mexico. It's not trendy to consider that white privilege is only one type of many privileges.

I'm not a Trump supporter. I think he is a swindler. But voting for Hillary to many people is a vote for the continued degradation of the industrial middle america, whether imagined or not. Hillary has actually brought up the ideas of alternates to 4 year degrees, probably in relation to this. But she has an incredibly hard time reaching out since republicans did a great job at blaming NAFTA on Bill Clinton.

The dissonance I think is that people think that Trump's base is well-off white america. Maybe there are some crazy rich racists or die hard isolationists there. But I think the core is folks that are trying to make ends meet, have been confused by the propaganda, and fee like they have no voice.


have no visited the poor area's and heard how he talks about different races? or the fact he wants to build a giant wall and give mexico the bill? or the fact he makes a big deal out of a women judge taking her oath with her hand on HER holy book. Just because she happens to be muslim. This man would cause wars and he has no respect for paying his fair share. While the normal man suffers he is avoiding millions. I can't honestly see how anyone who is struggling in any way could give their vote to a man who has never had to worry about a bill being paid but not just that has never had to worry about anything. He has no political experience and countries should not be run like business as it usually ends up with the little give getting shit on.

White privilege is the luxury of having a bag of weed in your pocket walking past cops and nothing happening. I promise you not a single upper class white kid is stopped for drugs. People are denied homes based on race. Race doesn't cause the crime. Situation does. People like trump make that situation far worse and will do nothing but harm. He is driven by green and no one can tell the UK about a bad fucking world leader. We have a long history of either having one or going to war with one.... Hitler was only one of many. Trump is not hitler but he has the same level of hate towards those he does not understand.

I'm still astonished that people think the president actually runs anything. He has advisors, congress. He's more of a spokesperson for the country.

He's the person you blame when things go wrong, even if he got bad advice from his top advisors... but they usually go with the top advisors.

If Hillary or Trump get in, it's the same difference in my mind. It is the advisors that you have to worry about.