We Thought They Were White: An African-American Apologizes for Misattributed Perceptions of White Racism Against Blacks Perpetrated by Jews

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"The reality is that the white race had little to do with the slave trade that took our ancestors away from Africa and sold them into bondage in the New World. " -Dontell Jackson

In his courageously narrative-defying website, Dontell Jackson discusses how European Americans have been framed for crimes against humanity committed by the [nearly indistinguishable] Jewish race, and how African Americans have been propagandized into believing the lie so that the actual perpetrators might never be brought to justice.

Sadly, European Americans have also been raised in this lie and immersed in a doctrine of shame and guilt that was not theirs to bear.  So that, when the time came, they would make the perfect “whipping boy”.   

"Whites  were and continue to be exploited and manipulated by the Jews, the same  as blacks, and their race is even more hated by the Jew" - Dontell Jackson


A few highlights of this narrative distortion include how:

  • Black and white children are not taught that the slave ships were largely owned and operated by Jews, or that the first American slave owners were black.
  • Black and white children are not taught about the quantity of slaves that were white (though most historians agree that roughly two-thirds of all whites came to the colonies in some form of bondage)   
  • Black and white children are not taught about how white slaves were valued at much less (50 sterling for a black slave vs. a maximum of 5 sterling for a white "indentured servant") and treated worse than their African counterparts as the requirement that they be released in a few years actually made them more expendable to their masters.   
  • Black and white children are not taught that the white race actually comprised a smaller percentage of slave owners in the United States than free blacks— about 28% of free blacks owned black slaves compared to roughly 1.4% of white owners of black slaves (1860 US Census)
  • Black and white children are not taught that, of the 10 to 15 million Africans who were transplanted to the New World, no more than 6 percent even went to the Northern Hemisphere; Almost all of them went to South America.
  • Black and white children are not taught about how the Muslim trade of African AND European slaves lasted centuries longer than any white European involvement did, or about how white, Christian Americans were the first to push for the abolition of slavery as a practice.    
  • Black and white children are not taught that, since blacks have never been the majority demographic in America, it is mathematically impossible for most whites to have owned black slaves.    

It is far more realistic to accept that the ancestors of most (obviously not all) American whites today were either indentured servants (the euphemism responsible for hiding American white slavery) or entirely too impoverished to be owning land or people.  So how would these truths effect the longstanding race-based psy-op being perpetrated against humanity?  The answer lies in another question: How can one defeat an enemy that is never allowed to be correctly identified?

To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” - Voltaire 

Although it is illegal in 17 countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Switzerland and Romania.) to even investigate the actual history of Jewish persecution (name one other race that is allowed to throw you in prison for simply examining its history) today in America, black and white peoples are being led into a race war that has been strategically fostered by group C feeding disinformation to both groups A and B.  If either race is to rise above it for the betterment of their people, both will have to realize the ways in which they have been manipulated in order to unite against the true common enemy: Zionism. 

In July of 2016, rival gang members from both Bloods and Crips came together to warn of this in light of the Black Lives Matter movement, with one red bandanna clad man declaring, “All lives matter”--an important statement that no other race is seemingly allowed to make in response to the BLM movement, despite the necessity of its observance in avoiding hypocrisy. 

We’re tired of it,” 

states one gang member.  

The establishment needs a populace divided. When people are isolated and categorized into their various labels by society — they are far easier to control. When people begin to look past skin color, they can see the underlying problem of the system.

Will humanity be able to spread enough truth to accomplish this before the goal of the conspirators is realized, the white race genocided and the black race further enslaved by these “sneak rulers”?  The outcome is uncertain.  But it is a noble cause to fight for until such conclusion is reached.  

Mr. Jackson concludes with the following message:

 “I would like to invite all of my black brothers and sisters to join me in untangling the lies, deceptions and half-truths that have been foisted upon us as a race, and to explore the true history of what has been done to us as a people by those who were more than happy to encourage us to think these wrongs were committed against us by whites” 



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My country is on that list you showed above


Americans typically scoff at this information, certain that their Zionist overlords would never lie to them--not even realizing what a privilege it is to be able to conduct their own research.

Not much longer though. Now that the Anti-Defamation League is the designated flagger of "extremist content" to be removed algorithmically from YouTube / the internet. Still, the sheer apathy of the American people is what disappoints me the most.

Following you, dear. And loving your account name. Dance on!


Very important information.


Thanks for reading, and taking the time to comment. Your classical music content looks fantastic, I'm following now for later reading. Are you currently living in Sweden? If so, (or even if not) I am terribly sorry about what is happening there.


Yes, I'm currently in Sweden and it's truly bad, meanwhile (((Bonnier))) controlled mainstream media does everything it can to downplay the situation, and anyone who is speaking out against it is shut down. In just a few years my hometown of Malmö has climbed up to now be ranked as the second most dangerous town in all of Europe, just after multicultural Marseilles. And just look at the rape statistics in Sweden. Since the early days of multiculturalism in the 80s rape has increased by 1500% and the per capita rates are the fourth highest in the world, just below the notorious rape nation of South Africa. 95% of all aggravated rape cases are carried out by non Europeans. In my hometown ethnic Swedes are a minority in the age groups 0-20. Some schools and areas in my hometown is 90-95% non Swedish. If the same would happen in a non-white nation, say an African or Asian nation: what would it be called?

Where are you from?


Oh, in those nations it would simply be called what it is: Genocide.

I live in the whitest (for now) region of the Northeastern U.S., and still it is hard to convince people of what is happening. Even as they've been upping the "diversity" of our own culture for a few years now, and the effects are starting to be visible, people have no idea what is coming here and don't want to wake up to it.

If you have any suggestions of ways to help, beyond raising awareness, I'm all ears. I have children, and am outraged that they will be part of a people with to no homeland to return to, no place to bask in and learn from their cultural heritage, and certainly no country wherein their rights as a human being are respected. We had once considered moving to Sweden because it seemed an ideal place for them to grow up. But now, in the realest sense, Sweden is no more.

Even typing those words makes my eyes water.


No, moving to Sweden is out of the question for you. It's not like I've given up hope. There will come a tipping point when most people will resist. I've joined a political organization with repatriation on its agenda. It's the only organization in the Nordic nations with such an agenda as far as I know and we're growing by the day. But it will take quite the effort and perhaps even blood. Whatever it takes to survive.

If you can find a job in Eastern Europe, like Poland or Hungary, I suggest going there.


With my bitcoins I will buy me a few estates in Central Europe, West Africa and East Asia. And then the sleople in the EU and the US can go fuck themselves.

I really liked your post. I'd love to resteem. It's really interesting to debunk all these stereotypical notions about racism. At the same time, jewish people usually take the role of victims of discrimination themselves. Millions of them were victims of persecutions, yes. But I've never known a single one who would examine history and recognize the role they played (and play) in oppressing other people.


Hey, thanks for reading. Resteem away.

"But I've never known a single one who would examine history and recognize the role they played (and play) in oppressing other people."

Indeed. It'd be especially nice if Americans, particularly the bulk of American Christians, weren't so emotionally blinded by their need to "stand with [the herd, and] Israel" to take a step back and question who's wars they're really fighting, and why.