There's a lot of hate in the ZEROHEDGE comment threads ...

in #racism5 years ago

I've been reading since 2010. It is one of the few news/info blogs that seems to tell the truth - "seems to", because I really don't trust any sources of information at this point.

I was reading an article, posted on their site, that was really an interview with Doug Casey, famous for being the "international man". He believes that the United States will fall apart, socially, politically, when the next economic crisis hits - but he adds that this will be along "racial lines".

I don't know if I agree with Casey or not - but reading the "threads" on this article gives me a renewed respect for the amount of racism, hate, that is out there. There is also a lot of anti-semitism, which makes me wonder ... I used to have an account, and was banned for being sarcastic about financial matters - no anti-semitism, no racial slurs, just being sarcastic. So, yeah, one wonders why people are censored on a site like that ... or, perhaps being racist, anti-semitic, over-the-top hateful is simply more entertaining to the readers (I hate to admit it, but the level is so high it's 'stupidly high' ... and funny in a schadenfreude kind of way).

Any who - I can't really blame ZEROHEDGE for all the racism and anti-semitism in its threads, but I do think it's worth pointing out ... if only to have some strange dialog about it. I simply don't care. I think, as I've stated, that even ZEROHEDGE is 'owned' by someone ... and it's all about baffling the public with bullshit.

But at times, it's very entertaining bullshit.

Sort: is irrelevant. I USED to read it as well. It's a site designed to divide Americans based on hate.

"... a site designed to divide Americans based on hate." - how is that different from the NYT? CNN? NPR? Really ... I think left and right, dem and repub, have all gone mad.

All of mainstream media is going mad, I agree with you. That's why I don't watch CNN, FOX news, MSNBC, etc.

My question: how much longer can this fever last before the patient is killed? I know a lot of ordinary people that are nearing their breaking points, as the main-stream-media tells them "you've never been more prosperous". It's a dreadful farce, a "Potemkim Village" nightmare.

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