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As part of our internet package we get a number of TV channels too. Now I am not really a big fan of TV.

I watch rarely and when I do it's only series that I really enjoy, or motor racing,

Now I am not super fussy when it comes to the racing, as long as it is close racing and the drivers/riders are going all out, I will watch.

I have enjoyed everything from bikes racing on the ice, speedway style, to the Australian UTE's and trucks as well.

But if you are going to say the content is exclusive, it should be worth watching right? I watched some or other GT series what nots, or tried to any way. It was awful.
Seeing as I am not paying 'extra' for the real motorsport channels I have to put up with the highlights. Often this means quite condensed highlights, with chunks of the race missing.

This particular coverage, 'exclusive coverage', had no commentators, jumped randomly from car to car and corner to corner, cut off right at the point where something gets interesting and had really sh*t music going on in the background.

I can't help but feel that this content was only 'exclusive' because it is so poor that no one wanted to air it. Maybe they got it in a two for one special?

The pictures not related, but it had a similar style of cars, expensive Porsche's, Lamborghini's, Ferrari's etc. I think I even saw a Lister. So the racing should have been worth a look, but the editing ruined it completely.

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