Racing Bets Wednesday 15th November

in racing •  11 months ago

Bit of a change-up for midweek racing as I'm jumping across to NZ where there are a couple of decent group races being run at Riccarton Park.

632Heni0.5 unit @ 7.000.5 unit @ 2.65
832Signify0.5 unit @ 4.600.5 unit @ 1.85
1022Benzini0.5 unit @ 10.000.5 unit @ 3.10

Track is a Good(4)

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631st+3.825 units
824th-1 unit
102DNP-1 unit

Net Result +1.825 units

Once again early bird pricing on Heni was worth getting up for.

How long do the racing seasons run over there in Australia and NZ? I think you are enjoying spring there now?

Good luck, and enjoy the kiwis!


Different areas have their different carnivals. Melbourne just finished, Sydney runs in autumn, Brisbane runs early winter and Perth runs early summer. There is always something on every weekend, it's just the venue and the prize money that changes.


Fun. Here in the NE US, we don't have many tracks left with live racing. Suffolk Dows, in Boston, only has racing on social occasions. It's all off track betting for the post part.

I've been out to Saratoga a few times, and that's a great track. It's reminiscent of the old days when horse racing was truly the sport of kings...


That sounds a bit sad. It will probably go that way here too once the fun police have their say. They tried to ban greyhound racing in my state recently and copped a huge voter backlash so maybe we'll get a few more years.


Besides betting the sulkies at the annual fall fair, Greyhound racing was my first real racing experiences as a young man.

Man, those dogs loved to run!

Calling @originalworks :)
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