Racing Bets Tuesday 7th November

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Popular day of racing today in Flemington for Melbourne Cup which is the only Group 1 race. It's not the best day of racing by a long shot but it's the biggest race and the day gets the most publicity.

6LST6Warranty0.5 unit @ 7.000.5 unit @ 2.30
717Johannes Vermeer0.5 unit @ 10.000.5 unit @ 3.30
8LST8De Little EngineNO BET0.5 unit @ 7.50
9LST9Ocean Embers0.5 unit @ 17.000.5 unit @ 5.00

Track is a Good(3) and there are expected morning showers but hopefully it doesn't affect the racing.



663rd+0.15 unit
772nd+0.65 unit
88DNP-0.5 unit
991st+10 units

Net Result +10.3 units

Good day today makes up for some poor ones recently.

Always found horse races interesting, never understood anything of this.
People use to trade odds on betfair, with some sucess, was a secret among a small group(I forum I used to visit).
How do you go about punting this?

I shop around. Betfair is usually good to get top price but liquidity is not always there if betting early. I still have a couple of bookmakers who will let me get on.

Good luck with your bets, @flameburst. I'm going to check out this Melbourne Cup...

It was a good day to be following my bets. Did you get on?

I did! This looks like a hell of a great time!

I was surprised to read about all of the debauchery that goes on during this series. It's like a rock concert: Woodstock with horse-racing, only people dress better.

I've been to Saratoga several times; that's a fantastic track, too. Many folks, although a clear minority, dress up, with women wearing nice dresses and big hats. The environment at Saratoga appears to be rather stoic compared to Melbourne, however.

Glad you had a good day at the track!

How'd you do @flameburst?

Results are up. Happy to get a good price winner today.

Hey @flameburst ! Nice post! I just did a review today on a crypto gambling site that is awesome for poker and sports. Hope you don't mind but I'm gonna leave a link. . .Figured your followers may appreciate it.

Thanks, I'll check it out. Still looking for a half decent and trustworthy online poker joint since 888 closed up shop in Australia.

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got a 22.0% @peaceandlove upgoat, thanks to @flameburst
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