Racing Bets Saturday 16th December

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Today I'm betting at Randwick for the Group 2 Villiers Stakes and a couple of decent listed races.

R3LST7Shalmaneser0.25 unit @ 14.000.75 unit @ 5.40
R7G211Mister Sea Wolf0.5 unit @ 6.500.5 unit @ 2.45
R8LST14I Thought So0.5 unit @ 5.000.5 unit @ 2.10

Track is a Soft(5) with a chance of afternoon showers so be careful backing those late favourites.



R37DNP-1 unit
R711DNP-1 unit
R8142nd+0.05 unit

Net Result -1.95 units

just interesting why u bet 0.5 and 0.75 unit , not just 1 unit?
and have you got monthly stats report, how much you earned last month?

I was betting more but had a horror run so wound back my stakes. As always the way I then started winning. Just keeping my units consistent between my sports. Pretty much just budgeting 1 full unit per race.

So u bet jsut races?

No, I bet other stuff too I just don't write about it so much. Especially if it's in-play trade then it's very hard to put tips out in real time.

Dats cool, well, i bet majorly soccer games, but i think it wld b great if u shared some of ur predictions with me... in soccer games, cos dats wah i understand 😊

Well, let's just wait and see

Wish you best of luck @flameburst

Ahan betting forMonster sea Wolf numbr 11

No. 7 will be winning this 🤔

Did no. 7 win?

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