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This gentleman is an African, but far from being conscious of what an African actually is, he isn't even aware of his own Africanness nor that being African has nothing to do with a social construct he has bought lock stock and barrel from his oppressors of yore.

Man with a Politician's Hand

I am an African who had the misfortune of being born in racist South Africa, but unlike this gentleman here in the video, I know that I am an African. I am not entirely clueless and misguided. I adopt a cautious attitude about the world - I go about my business assuming that I may perhaps not know everything there is to know about everything. I do this because I am not given praise and reward for being an arrogant prick.

For those who are not aware, someone scraped the bottom of the barrel to bring this gentleman from African soil, to a studio in America. I have waited for opportunities to bring this to your attention and so I do it here: we take comedy seriously in Africa.. our comics are clued up and plan carefully every character before hitting the stage. What this man does is what we call 'being a shady salesman' or that thing on the end of a ventriloquist's hand. His twisted idea about identity, is locked in to an ideology of race - something he is not aware of (clearly). When i say that I am an anti racist African, it is clear what I am saying. When he suggests that players born in France are African, it is clear what he is saying. No amount of wriggling will suffice to free him from the shackles of his race ideology.

Puppet with an African Comedian's Hand


If you'd like to be the first to hear Trevor's next joke in good taste, subscribe to Russel Peters' You Tube Channel (I know, that one may be off side).


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