Don't Ever Apologize for Being Your Race

in #race3 months ago

I just watched a local news segment about race relations. One host said to the other - "Myself... a white woman."

She did so in an apologetic manner, like she had to fess up to this fault.

She was trying to be humble, and many other whites these days similarly try to be so. But to take it upon yourself to be sorry for the body you were born in is an incredibly arrogant insult to Life itself (or the Universe or God)--because you're saying they made you (and all others that look like you) inherently and specifically flawed.

Don't ever apologize or feel guilty for being your ethnicity. You don't have the authority to yoke everyone of your race with such a burden, much less get to claim God makes such mistakes.

Not only that, it's not really helpful. It's self-pity. Self.

While it might motivate you to serve, the service is tainted by shame. It's much better to serve with pride and love. And if you're being of service, you do indeed have something to be proud of.

Despite the obvious contextual temptations these days for whites to feel bad for who they are, this is an intrinsically fear-based, race-based, self-centered motivator and ultimately detracts from healing, helping, openness, and love.

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