Raccoons in the Backyard Toronto Canada

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I see more wildlife in big cities than I do in the wilderness.

Well, that's not entirely true but it feels that way sometimes. Animals in cities are more accustomed to humans so they reveal themselves more often compared to wild animals that tend to avoid people. Spotting an animal while wandering in forest is rewarding whereas in the city it's no big deal.

*(Can you spot them?)

My dad and step mom's backyard has a big old tree that has house a family of raccoons for decades. Generation after generation have been raised there. The raccoons keep to a routine that is predictable. Just as the sun is about to set they come out of the hole and start peaking over the edge down the trunk. When I'm sitting on the back porch I can here them talking, making plans of where they should go to eat.

You really can't leave anything outside at night, they will find it and eat and make huge mess in the process. Residents have to lock their garbage cans and tie them to something solid or the raccoons will knock them over to get inside. They are quite clever little devils when they want something.

One night I was outside and I had ordered some food. The sun had just set. After eating I went inside for no less then 3 minutes to get a drink and I came back out and they were on the porch ripping open the bag. Unluckily for them I didn't leave anything behind. The 2 babies got spooked and and started running away. I had my camera ready and chased them. This one got cornered on the railing and wasn't able to get away as fast has its sibling.

Another morning I was up having a coffee on the back porch and the sun was already well up and shining and I saw them scurry across the neighbours backyard over the fence and then across our backyard and up the tree (the first few photos are of this story). But this time their mother wasn't impressed with their late return home. Just as they were at the lip of the home climbing up the tree she pounced out and refused to let them in. They stuck to the side of the tree, clinging on for dear life as the mother hissed at them and sent away. They really didn't know what to do and stayed there for quite a while making the saddest little chirps I ever hear. "Mom, we're sorry. Please let us in". Finally they got the hint and climbed down and disappeared in the alleyway. I thought she had decided they were to old and needed to move on but the next night they back together a happy family. She punished them by making them sleep somewhere else.

*(I touched its tail.)

It was interesting to see the raccoon family dynamic function in such a way. I didn't know mother raccoons would punish their babies for coming home late. So peculiar, I am happy to have witnessed it.

Super Cute but dirty little critters.

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I didn’t know raccoons were such good climbers.


They are pretty good at it. I was surprised to see them going down headfirst.

Oh, they are so cute and very clever animals. I've read raccoons would often douse their food whenever they're close to water as if they're washing it before eating. That's funny how they attempted to sneak your food but it seems too late for them lol. She must be a caring mom but tough love is sometimes necessary for her babies to learn and seriously abide the house rules. I just knew raccoons also have curfew hours hehe. That baby racoon you captured was really brave.

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