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RE: Strong Water: A Google Journey Through American Culture and Innovation

in #rabbitholes2 years ago

Hey there @donkeypong! Another thought provoking article here; thank you for that. The way you wander around Google sounds like me; I can sit and several hours pass before I notice. I compare it to going on a well planned holiday somewhere, map in hand, but then I spot a little something down a side street that catches my eye, then the same thing happens on the next little street. By the end of the day, my map is crinkled but unused, and I've discovered all kinds of cool things ;)

I love how your wanderings all connected though, and then to be able to sum it up with one of Churchill's great quotes was very serendipitous! I read an article the other day only because the title was something about saving the Rain Forests using sensors from thrown away cell phones! Like your piqued interest in a 'one armed man fixing wildfires', I could not resist.

Too bad everyone wouldn't keep their child-like wonderment and curiosity about the world; I think it would be a much better place if they did!

Thank you again. Cheers!