The 100 milestone!

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Hey guys and girls it's 8gamez  here bringing you some more great content , so today this blogs going to be a bit different, it's going to be quick and short. So I done a Blog at 50 followers and I only thought that the next milestone was 100 and here I am having reached 100 as of last night.

I do believe thanks is needed, hence thank you everyone who follows me and is taking me to this point in my steemit career, thanks to anyone who also enjoys my content and follows me in the future to carry on building my steemit career. It's been difficult getting to 100 , now that I'm here I feel like the next 100 even the next 1000 is going to be a lot easier. I'm going to keep doing what I do and post some of the best gaming blogs going so I hope to see my followers and followers of the future constantly, reading upvoting and most importantly hitting 



Congrats on getting to 100! I'm glad I found your profile, I enjoy seeing your takes on games.

Also, nothing on Rocket League yet?

No not yet but will do soon now you asked

Good job, dude.
Just started reading your content after you commented on mine.
Definitely following and upvoting your work.
Keep up the good work.

Nice work mate! Good luck for the future!

Thx man I'm following you too hibk you'll make a great blogger

Nice content bro, i just upvoted yhu

I will like you to try this link to enjoy more of steem

Nice post you got here and congrats on having 100 followers. Keep it up!

Love the content :)
Looking forward to more

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Congrats on 100! You can only go up from here

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