Rainbow six siege #2

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Hey guys and gals its R8gamez here bringing you some of the best blogging content on the web and today I am going to be talking to you about the strategic, eye straining rainbow six siege , so as always hope you enjoy and have a G’R8’ day.

Lets get right into it, just like In my fortnite posts I'm going to start a Rainbow six siege series in which ill be talking about some of my greatest clutches and most amazing failures. To begin I'm going to talk about a clutch that I literally had today in which I was being carried by my team of Friends going 0 kills to 8 deaths is an intense ranked match the score was 4 to each side and it was the last round the pressure was on. I had picked Castle to defend in the map in the Asian building in the tea room second floor, I still have the room from both doors and the window with my Castle Barricades making an unbeatable fortress or so I thought, the rest of my team were outside the objective and it wasn’t long until they died being killed by the enemy team in an enemy clutch to Victory ,only one of them had been killed by our team and it was just me left alone inside the objective I was scared sweat trickling down my face, the pressure was intense, my team silent gently whispering ,”Harry you can do it”.

I heard all of the enemies scattered around outside the window and both the doors, it seemed like none of them had any explosives to destroy the Barricades, there was an essence of saftey until , BOOM the Barricade of the window was blown straight off, I was lying by a table with a Little Teapot on it which i was using as my only cover peeking the window when in a sudden I Shot and my points Rose in an instance, I had gained 2 kills leaving only two of the enemy team left and my team cheering, I lie down glancing under the Barricade door behind me into the hallways to see an enemies feet pitter pattering, I shot and killed him , it was the greatest feeling only one enemy left, he hopped through the window behind me shooting unaware of my position under the table, I turned towards him jumped up and shot placing a bullet straight through his skull , finally winning the ranked match advancing to Gold 2.

That’s it from me everyone, hope you enjoyed and look forward to some more content I will be bringing out soon, as always don’t forget t Upvote, Follow, comment and hey, If you drop a Resteem and a comment you will get a follow from me and the chance to have one of your posts re-steemed also.


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great writing me i like it very much, rainbow six is ​​so good to be your topic keeps advancing :)

Thx both for commenting

Wow, that game is amazing @r8gamez

Yeah I feel man

I would be happy about the failures video! Are you doing a compilation? Greets james

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Wow! That sounds intense! I've been on similar situations on different games and it doesn't end very good for me hehe. Great content to read, keep it up!

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Have you ever played the orginal rainbow six for pc? I used to play it back in the day. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Clancy%27s_Rainbow_Six_(video_game)

Amazing Discription of what happened during your gameplay. @r8gamez
i literally pictured that winning killcam. I have Rainbow Six Seige and 170 other games on the Ps4, been collecting since Ps4's Midnight Release, My Favorite Class is Frost! Thank you for the Great Content, It was fun Reading Steem-on!

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