Rainbow six siege #1

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Hey guys and gals its r8gamez here today bringing you some of the best content as usual, first id like to say thanks for the followers that stayed with me these past months that I have not posted, unfortunately I lost my account details and was unable to log in, but soon enough came around to finding them earlier this week.

So let’s get right into it today I am going to talk about my experiences with ‘rainbow six siege’, all I can Say is what a game, it is a very different look at PvP on an online game for consoles in the way you strategies to win through various Situations, Terrorist hunts and multiplayer online PvP rather than the normality of run and gun in many of the console PvP games we see today.

In the game we see a wide variety of playable characters ranging from Spetnaz special ops to SWAT to the police special forces of the Brazilian slums, each with there own set of skills and equipment, personally one of my favourite is Glaz a Russian Spetnaz operative who has a sniper like weapon, enough damage to 1 hit kill on a headshot and 2 on a body shot with a skill of thermal scope able to switch between whilst aiming down sights, it truly is great for picking your enemies off from the outside whilst attacking( he is an attacking character), my favourite defender has got to be pulse as his submachine gun weapon is just right in dishing out damage while keeping recoil to a minimum, he has a skill that allows him to pull out a camera like object upon looking through will allow you to visualise an enemy through his heart beat and pulse.

Anyway Guys and Gals its been r8gamez here bringing you some of the best content on steemit, I hope you all enjoyed reading and as always don’t forget to Upvote, Resteem and most importantly Follow for more great content, today lets leave a comment on you favourite character.


Love siege! Used to play ravenshield a hell of a lot as a kid and this was the first one they brought out that felt really similar

Nice Page nice content! Follow safe.. see you again :)

thank you for this publication I played on this game last year, very good time of games.
Upvote and followed with pleasure ^^

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