Pokemon ultra sun #2

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Hey guys and gals its R8gamez here bringing you some of the best blogging content on the web and today I am going to be talking to you about the stressful ,eye straining , Pokemon catching Pokemon ultra sun , so as always hope you enjoy and have a G’R8’ day .


The Moan – part one

I loved the game. But, through even my rose-tinted spectacles, it wasn’t perfect. I started the game in the evening on the day I got it to get the tutorial over and done with so I could begin properly the next day. I kid you not, 2 and a half hours of mandatory, mundane and straight up reprinted cutscenes (from the predecessors of these games, Sun and Moon, released a year beforehand) later I was still there. I had to play another half an hour the next day to get to the actual game and even then, the rest of it was riddled with more of them that were either the same or very similar to the game before (that is until the later portion of the game, but more on that in a later post when I’m not complaining). It may be a necessity to be eased gently into the game if you’re new to the franchise, sure. But 3 hours of watching some characters you don’t know or care about talk about shit you’re absolutely clueless on for that long would be a deterrent from wanting to play on. Nice move, Game Freak. I, a long-term Pokemon fan, found this especially tedious since I knew exactly what the scenes entailed from playing Pokemon moon the year before (for those of you that don’t know, Pokemon games are released in pairs and usually only have minor differences between them e.g. in Pokemon Sun and Ultra Sun the day cycles are as expected where in their counterparts they are reversed, night in game being IRL daytime) and I have known for the best part of a decade how to catch a fucking Pokemon. This is only half of the 2 big problems with Ultra Sun (in specific). The next release will cover the other half.

Until then, Alex.


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