H1z1 game review 26/05/18

in #r8gamez6 years ago

Hey guys and gals its R8gamez here bringing you some of the best blogging content on the web and today I am going to be talking to you about the strategic, car crashing H1Z1 new to PlayStation 4 , so as always hope you enjoy and have a G’R8’ day.


So the newly released H1Z1 on PlayStation 4 has come out with a few bugs and crashes, but it’s starting to polish up its servers and squash those bugs; like falling from the sky and dying upon impact or parachuting into the floor.


I myself enjoy this classic from the PC origins it has come from , although it’s missing the known zombie mode it’s based upon the battle royals has impented nicely into the gaming community with many players and a constant flow of healthy and competitive matches with the new ‘ Fives ‘ compared to the usual 4 person squad in battle royale games.


So in all at the moment this game overall is decent with them last few bugs still needing to be sorted so I R8 this game 7/10.

So anyways thanks for reading everybody and as always leave a big juicy upvote , follow up for more of the best gaming content and drop a comment with your thoughts on H1Z1 , and for the chance to win a resteem to my active 200 followers, drop a comment ‘ I resteemd ‘ and resteem my post.

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