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Hey guys and gals its R8gamez here bringing you some of the best blogging content on the web and today I am going to be talking to you about the strategic, eye straining rainbow six siege , so as always hope you enjoy and have a G’R8’ day.

In the most recent update on fortnite there was an overpowered item added to the battle royale game mode and oh boy is it crazy and it’s called the rythmic ‘ Chug Jug ‘ and it’s a gold item ,very very rare to get, But totally worth it as not only does it give you full health but it also gives you full Shield, this just makes you completely unstoppable yet you can only hold one at a time per slot so they are unfortunately unstackable.

The Chug jug also takes 15 seconds to drink with a hypnotising sound of ‘ glug glug glug’ whilst you sit in anticipation. Now I’ve had one amazing encounter with this item in which towards the end of one of my solo matches with only 4 people including myself left , I had just killed the 5th person and picked up his loot including the wonderful Chug jug , if only he had used it :)

Anyways I had that a sniper ( purple ) , a scar ( gold ) , a silenced pistol ( purple ) and a pump shotgun ( green ) , I was sitting in my little fort I built in the valley which contained inside the edges of the storm in one corner with one base in the middle , one further on to the left and an obvious player hiding in some bush somewhere , I was sitting there watching the time tick when all of a sudden shots began to flee from behind a tree , sure enough the missing player , he began shooting not at me but the middle base who was spraying down upon him with propelled rockets ( RPG ) soon the shots quitened with the base half destroyed and surprisingly now taken by another player.

To be continued next time :) and That’s it from me everyone, hope you enjoyed and look forward to some more content I will be bringing out soon, as always don’t forget t Upvote, Follow, comment and hey, If you drop a Resteem and a comment you will get a follow from me and the chance to have one of your posts re-steemed also.


Hi there @r8gamez! I see you've been adding your gaming posts to the site, which is really cool. We're building up a big gamers community here and it's always nice to see new people added to that.

I'm writing to you about the comments you've been dropping on other people's posts. The standard comments you copy/paste, like these:

A generic copy/paste, self-promotion comment like this can really annoy people and comments like these have been known to receive flags (downvotes). I know I regularly downvote them when I receive them. It makes the autor of the post feel like you haven't actually read their post and are only there for your own gains.

I would like to advice you against writing comments like these, as it will sooner harm your reputation/account than it would do you any good. Someone spamming generic comments like this will find it harder to receive good, honest upvotes aswell. We are trying to support a good and honest gaming community here on Steemit and I have to tell you, I would currently not feel okay supporting you. Please understand where I'm coming from and I hope you take my advice to heart.

Write meaningful comments on people's posts about the content you just read and leave the self-promotion out of it. Besides that, write your own, original gaming posts and I'm sure you'll do well here in the long run.

hey bud wanted to reach out .Great post remember that you had commented on one of my posts recently.

I liked youre little story about youre gameplay and i would love to hear the last bit of that story . :)

This game seems to have gone viral.. Working on the pay-4-vote system here a bit today. Is it free to play for PC or what? :)

Yes it most certainly is

I've been grinding Fortnite for a while now, trying to improve my game and climb the leaderboards. But lately I've hit a plateau and I feel like I'm constantly being outplayed, especially during the tense moments of the finale.
I decided to try fortnite aim bot and wow what a game changer! After incorporating aimbot into my setup everything changed, my aim became laser focused, my movements became smoother and I was able to anticipate enemy moves like never before.

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