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Hey guys and gals its R8gamez here bringing you some of the best blogging content on the web and today I am going to be talking to you about the strategic, eye straining rainbow six siege , so as always hope you enjoy and have a G’R8’ day.

So back to fortnite everyone and there's a big new massive amazing Update, in which there is a new map update where they expanded it and made numerous new areas to explore and loot, these areas include my new favorite place to glide down to and ultimately dominate , ' snobby shores' others include places like a small city named ' tilted towers' where you can find a lot of items , but it comes at a price with over 20 players on a regular also attending this location.

More locations are 'junk junction ' which I have attended only once and found a pinata made of metal
Containing very rare and good loot lying around with a few chests too, but it's right in the corner of the map so very hard when it comes to having the circle across the map from you, the last 2 places I have not landed at nor passed through.

That’s it from me everyone, hope you enjoyed and look forward to some more content I will be bringing out soon, as always don’t forget t Upvote, Follow, comment and hey, If you drop a Resteem and a comment you will get a follow from me and the chance to have one of your posts re-steemed also.


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This is such a great content from @r8gamez.
Can't wait to see your next post. Upvot ed.

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An amazing review by @r8gamez.

This review got me in a high anticipation mood as I'm looking forward to playing the game. Thanks for giving us excellent posts. Upvoted and followed already as I can't wait to see your next post. I'm hoping you do the same in return.

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Cheers and regards!

Thank you for the kind comments on my content!

A lot of good stuff in that last update, I'll be getting back into the game for sure.

Nice post

Nice post @r8gamez. I hope to see more of it!

Hey @r8gamez
Nice Post, I enjoyed reading more about Fortnite i have it on my ps4, i enjoy traveling around loot lake if i play. Keep making excellent content, and Steem-on!

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