Fortnite #2

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Hey guys and gals its R8gamez here bringing you some of the best blogging content on the web and today I am going to be talking to you about Fortnite , so as always hope you enjoy and have a G’R8’ day.

 So today I thought why not give you some great content on games that I've played  in Fortnite, so starting from now each week I'm going to post about Fortnite and one game that I have been successful in along with one failure that has occurred on the way.

One success for me this week was in solo in which I had a golden scar, a golden bolt action and a golden silenced pistol. It was me and two other players on top of two opposite mountains ,the mountain opposite me had both the players fighting in two different bases and me on the other mountain taking the occasional Snipe at one of them , after a while  I managed to hit one in doing so ending him from the game, it was just me and one person left  and he knew I was coming for him and he built and built and built but I wasn't scared because I had a jump pad and I hopped on it, flew over to the top of his base landing in it , him with a boogie bomb and danced while he uncontrollably dance then in the last second shot him in the head by sniper winning the game. 

That’s it from me everyone, hope you enjoyed and look forward to some more content I will be bringing out soon, as always don’t forget t Upvote, Follow, comment and hey, If you drop a Resteem and a comment you will get a follow from me and the chance to have one of your posts re-steemed also.


Nice review @r8gamez, iam new here. I am following you because your gamer too , thanks

The best PUBG alternative.. :D

Keep up the hard work buddy! Great content you're putting out dropping a follow and a like!

Great post! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my NASCAR Heat 2 post. You've got a new follower! Keep up the good work!

I've watched a few streamers like Sacriel play this game & it looks like loads of fun.

Great sharing i also love games pls follow me i will upvote you and you upvote me its win win situation.

Nice write up! Sounds like a well executed victory. I'll be looking forward to your next article. Left you a follow and vote.

Thanks a lot dude :O

Good Work This Is Great Content.

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