Fortnite 10/1/2018

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Hey guys and gals it's r8gamez here bringing you more of the best gaming content on the web so let's get straight into it , today I'm going to be talking about fortnite, a game that in recent months has turned a lot of heads and gained a lot of attention across the board from the gaming community , to the media and even through numerous blogs and videos.
As of today fortnite have just released an update in which there is a new item available called The 'cozy campfire', The Cozy campfire needs to be placed down like a trap in doing so anyone on the square platform it's placed on will Gain 2 HP, this will carry on for 25 seconds, it's of a blue rarity and Emits a glowing orange light,so guys and gals use it very wisely and most importantly have fun in doing so.
It's been r8gamez games hey guys and gals, I hope you've enjoyed reading and looking forward to more content that I'll be bringing out soon, as always upvote, resteem, comment and most importantly follow for more of the best gaming content on steemit.


Fortnite is great. been playing for about a month now and my squad and I have finally won 2 100v100 royales. Incredible content for a free game.

Truly incredible ! @philosophizer

I love how they keep adding content to keep players interested! This game is so fun to stream!

Yeah I agree and you stream ? @carnage606

Killer! Would you be interested in playing squads or duos sometime?

Definitely drop your own @emelanson

I haven't played this game, but I am considering checking it out! It looks fun and entertaining.

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