R2X will Register USA Cryptocurrency Market... Planning Register Global

in #r2x2 years ago

Jeffrey, the president of RTX.Co.Ltd located on Hong Kong, said they are going to register R2X at one of famous cryptocurrency trading market in USA, moving the core of ‘R2X’ project to the RTX USA office.

He said “R2X, the combine of 4th blockchain technology and many research led by Yun Kyung Min, the president of the Damon Co.Ltd, will be registered to global market, starting to register USA cryptocurrency trading market.”

R2X communicates many blockchains, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. It is also the platform for meet many services, such as DMpay exchange, game, shopping, cinema, VR, theme park, franchise, VR café, etc.

Also, last March 23th, president Yun was awarded the grand prize of Global Entrepreneur at ‘the Night of Korean Commerce, 2018’, led by Korean American Chamber OF Commerce OF Los Angeles.

He said “We will do our best for improve blockchain technology and social contribute activity, as the best entrepreneur”.