R2X is Approved to Permit ICO in USA... Register Market in USA soon

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"R2X is the cryptocurrency developed in Korea, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, based our own blockchain technology. The blockchain technology in Korea is spotlighted while cryptocurrency goes strong showing worldwide." said Yun Kyung-Min, the president of DAMON.corp, announced R2X, lead to develop by himself, is approved to permit ICO (Initial Coin Offer) in USA at Apr 15.
That is an exceptional issue, because any ICOs from Korea don't approved in USA. As the first approved to ICO, R2X is available for register at cryptocurrency trading market in USA easier then before
"R2X interconnects with many blockchains, like Bitcoin and Ethererum, and is able to real-time chckout, and the plaform that helps ot connect between real life and many online &offline services, such as games, shopping, cinema, VR, theme parks, franchise, and so on."Yun Damon.corp president said.
Meanwhile, Yun president said his confidence "We'll lead Korean blockchain technology with our R2X in world cryptocurrency market."