How to take care of rose flowers.

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Rose is a symbol of beauty and elegance. The most favorite flower of flower lovers is rose. Many people want to know how to take care of roses in the tub. I collected this post for them
22-30 degrees Celsius.


Temperature, 85% relative humidity and fertile soil are good for roses. The quality of flowers depends largely on the presence of sunlight. In this case, the morning sun is more effective than the afternoon sun.


October to February is the best time to plant rose saplings in Bangladesh.
The tub should be kept in an open, well-ventilated place so that it gets sunlight in the morning and gets at least 7-8 hours of sunshine a day. However, it is better not to plant roses in the afternoon sun in summer, as it fades the color of the flowers. You have to keep an eye on the rose tree so that light falls from all around. Otherwise, the tree will grow only in the direction of light. For this, the tree with the tub has to be rotated from time to time. To protect the rose bush from the hot summer sun, it is best to keep the tub in the sun and shade periodically. Flowers can also be found for a long time.


Fertilizer soil for the tub should be prepared in such a way that the soil is quite loose and water does not stand. Make a mixture with 1 part loamy soil, 3 parts dung manure or compost, 1 part leaf rot manure, half part sand (white sand of the river is better) and mix a handful of mustard oil and a teaspoon of lime in it. Inches) should be left in the tub for a month. The soil has to be turned upside down with water in this one month tub. The soil mixture will be better. Many also get good results by using tea leaves used in soil mixtures. The broken pieces of bricks or earthenware pots should be spread in a few cm below the bottom of the tub in such a way that the soil of the tub rests on them. This will facilitate drainage of excess water.


The size of the tub depends on the variety of rose that will be cultivated. 20 cm (6 inch) tubs are better for small varieties, 30 cm (12 inches) or larger tubs are required for larger varieties. However, the size of the tub that will be planted in the first year, the next year, if you transplant the tree in a large-sized tub, more large flowers can be obtained.
Rose seedlings can be planted in tubs at any time of the year. However, September-October and January-February are the best time to plant seedlings. When the seedlings are planted at this time, flowers are available for a long time, it is convenient to take care of the plants, and the attack of diseases and insects is also less.


Irrigation should be done at least 2/3 times after placing in the tub. In case of seedlings, care should be taken to protect the tree from strong sun or rain. Roses will be better if you get 3/4 hours of sunshine in the first stage and 6/7 hours of sunshine gradually. Care should be taken during irrigation so that water does not stand at the base of the tree. A little more water is needed when removing young leaves and buds. Irrigation should be given in the morning and evening at this time. All the trees including the stalks should be soaked with water.
Fertilizer should be given 15 days or one month after planting in the tub. Immediately after winter i.e. at the end of March or early April, 8/10 cm soil layer should be removed from the top of the tub and the empty space should be filled with rotten dung manure and new hollow soil. After that the roots of the tree have to be covered with straw or leaves to protect them from the hot summer sun.


In order to increase the number of new branches of the tree, small fish can be given at the base of the tree to increase the size of the flower. Weak trees are freshened by mixing urea at the rate of 2 gm per liter of water and spraying on the leaves in the morning and afternoon.


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