My First Time Baking Banana Cakes

in #r2cornell3 years ago

We have a surplus of bananas after the recent harvest. My aunt decided not to sell most of the bananas because we will be sharing them with relatives and friends in the community. Community pantries and other charity events have been rampant here in the Philippines during the pandemic and my aunt thinks we should do something similar but not as big as those organized events with donors. We just want to share our little produce from the farm with relatives, friends and neighbors.

We were able to share some however we still have bananas left at home that became ripe all at the same time. We were worried that they will turn overripe so we decided to make banana cakes and share them, too.

It is my first time baking banana cakes and I enjoyed it a lot. It's an easy and cheap recipe. I followed YouTube how to make it. The result was delicious and it smelled so good like bananas.

Here are some of the cakes I made, some are chocolate flavored because we also have lots of cocoa powder.





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