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As you will see, the trailer for the upcoming second season of "Komi Can't Communicate" has appeared a bit ahead of its scheduled premiere next month.


Courtesy by Netflix

The second season continues the arc of the first year after the School Festival and will most likely cover the school trip and winter break. The trailer also confirms the return of Komi, Tadano, Najimi, along with Komi's other friends and classmates, but also introduces new characters.

This trailer unveils new opening and ending theme songs, as well as visuals, for the upcoming series, including "Ao 100 Shoku" by Miku Ito and "Koshaberi Biyori" by Fantastic Youth.

If you can watch on Twitter, the official 'Komi Can't Communicate' account announce new characters and cast members that will appear in the new season. And those joining the new round of episodes are:

  • Shin'ichirō Kamio as Makoto Kata (the misunderstood delinquent), who had already been announced to appear in the next season.

  • Katsuyuki Miura as Shisuto Naruse (a narcissist).
    Shotaro Uzawa as Chūshaku Kometani (a compulsive scorer).

  • Minami Takahashi as Ayami Sasaki (one of Komi's classmates who is in her group during the school trip).

  • Fumiko Uchimura as Mikuni Katō (another of Komi's classmates who is in her group during the school trip).





Komi Can't Communicate is an anime adaptation of the manga of the same name by Tomohito Oda. The series follows the original story of the manga with some events rearranged. The first season premiered on Netflix on October 6, and ended in December 2021, with confirmation of a second season appearing during the post-credits scene.

Komi Can't Communicate will air in Japan on April 7, 2022 at midnight (JST) and will be available streaming through Netflix.

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