Guillermo del Toro admits that films like "Nightmare Alley" are no longer being made.-

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Guillermo Del Toro's eleventh feature film, "Nightmare Alley" is a neo-noir period piece based on a 1946 novel authored by William Lindsey Gresham. I commented that the film not only has a very rich and detailed production design, but also does a great job of capturing the classic film noir tone. Del Toro recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about all the challenges he faced during the making of this film, which incidentally, was nominated for Best Picture. He admitted that one of the biggest challenges he faced was getting the film made. Let's see:

"It's not the kind of film that gets made so much anymore: a film that is far-reaching and ambitious as well as thematic and adult that aims to do a thorough recreation of an era, and in a genre or sub-genre that has never been in vogue in the last few decades. That's why I decided to put all the chips from 'The Shape of Water' and almost 30 years of career into making this film."

At all of these, Del Toro described the logistical challenges he faced, including, of course, COVID-19, which put production on hold for six months. The public and critical acclaim makes it clear that Del Toro continues to establish himself as a master filmmaker. He himself spoke about approaching this film at this point in his career, saying:

"I wouldn't have been able to execute it as a 30-something. As a director, I learned to listen to the film in a calmer way. Every morning, the film presented problems that had to be solved, to keep it alive and cohesive and not an artifact. To make my camera not impatient, but graceful, as I watch Bradley Cooper and Cate Blanchett circle each other. I make a structure, and in this case I made, to use an imperfect analogy, a mandala. I went into editing with incredibly flexible material, because I learned to observe the actors rather than dictate to them, to listen to what we could do every day with the film. ... I started to find surprising solutions on the days of, which is not normally the way I work."

Del Toro's last work was 2017's The Shape of Water, for which he won best director and best picture. Now "Nightmare Alley" competed for Best Picture titles. In fact, it is already streaming on #Hulu and #HBOMax.

More details on THR.

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