Welcome to Nepal. ( my nepal vacation)

in #r2cornelllast month

A few times i visited Nepal. Actually Nepal is only one country where i visited out of India. We don't need any visa or password to cross the border. last time couple of months earlier i was in little vacation. Actually we went the border side of Nepal not fully Nepal. One we crossed the border and enter in Nepal. I do like the Nepali language and peoples. They are respectful and drink tea often, also they addicted of smoke.

I and one of my Jiju( the husband of my cousin sister ) went there with cycle. Actually the place is not much far away where we wanted to go. So if we would take bike than we could have face the problem of license and permit. We walked almost day that city. The name of that city was ViratNagar. The meaning of Virat is great and Nagar means city. So i can say Great City in translation.

We went in a mall. Really it was good shopping mall. I didn't buy anything but we ate ice cream only. There a lot of people use bicycle for mobility. Bike and petrol both are too costly there. We came back home at the evening. lets when and where i get chance for vacation.

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