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RE: Qurator 3.0 - UPDATE POST - Guidelines | Registration Details | Tier Changes

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Great post. After reading this post Anyone can easily understand what he should do now. Thanks for neat & clean explanation.


You are most welcome! =)

I sent the application of 4 Steem to join, and I was sent back the fee, saying I was rejected. The message on the transfer back said I could join the discord and ask why I was rejected. The invite to the discord doesn't work. I'd really like to have your input as to why I was rejected, I don't think I meet any of the points your post mentions on why you would reject someone. Can you give me a good invite to discord so I can ask?

Hello, we are always here to help in cases like that. Pretty sure it was something minor and easy to fix :)
This link should work. Come join us.

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