Qurator Token Round 3 | +20 000 Tokens!

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Welcome to the 3rd round of Qurator Tokens!

What a wait it was for the 3rd round of Qurator Token and we are happy to announce it is finally here! The previous round was just after the HF and since the HF the token system and payouts have been going through an interesting transformation. Let's have a look!

  1. Token Details
  2. Curation and Payouts
  3. Round 3 Distribution
  4. How to get Qurator Tokens



The QuratorToken will be used as a means of earning passive income by holding the token. Qurator is a curation project and thus we focus on curating original, interesting, and high-quality content. We believe that the QuratorToken will enable us to share half of the curation rewards with those who hold the QuratorToken and support the project. As you can imagine, the HF played a massive role in making the payouts reach levels that we never thought possible.

Earn by Holding

Currently, Qurator is averaging around 80 Steem Power per day from curation (90-day average) and this number climbed at a very fast rate since the HF. The previous average was around 30SP and since round 2 we have been climbing all the way to 80SP! Only recently have the curation finally balance out and stay around 80SP. With the token, we will share 50% of our daily curation rewards with all the token holders.

Currently, we are paying out around 40 steem per day to token holders.

If Bob holds 20% of the tokens, Alice holds 30% and Sam holds 50%, then the payouts will look like this:

Bob: 8 STEEM/day
Alice: 12 STEEM/day
Sam: 20 STEEM/day

Thus, the more tokens you hold the larger your share of the daily payout. Having said this, there will be a limited number of tokens distributed per round. With round 3 it means there will be a total of 40 000 tokens issued. That means another 20 000 tokens have been minted and added to the pool.


2. Curation and Payouts

Payout in Steem and Curation Average (90day).png

We can clearly see the steep curation climb as we are earning double the curation since the HF. Near the end, we are finally out of the previous HF and things are slowly starting to balance out.

Steem Payout Per Token .png

Our initial goal was to pay a minimum of 0.001 Steem per Token. That is if all the tokens are being held by Steemians and the curation average is 80 SP per day. With the curation average slowly climbing the numbers have been well above that. Early adopters got more than double and there was a peak of 0.0022 per token. That was near the day that we moved away from the previous HF data. From here on out we are going to see numbers slowly going down as more and more people are receiving tokens. This average can only increase if we increase our curation. That means getting more delegations or improving our curation strategies. We are working on an improved curation strategy that will go live in Jan/Feb 2020.

  • Since Qurator's Token launch we have paid out more than 3700 Steem to token holders.
  • Currently, there are 387 accounts holding tokens.


3. Round 3 Distribution


  • Team, server, coding = 3 000 Q

Team, server and coding tokens will be paid out weekly for the next 3 months.

  • Competitions, Sponsor, Splinterlands = 1 000 Q

This time around we have a much larger pool for competitions and sponsorships

  • Daily payouts to delegators = 10 500 Q

Paid out to those who delegate to @qurator at a rate of 0.02Q per 100SP.


4. How to get Qurator Tokens.

Tokens can be bought or earned by delegating Steem Power to @qurator. There will also be a few competitions in which you can participate and win QuratorTokens.

Buying Tokens

Tokens can be bought by logging into Steem-Engine and searching for QuratorToken. A guide for buying tokens can be found HERE.

Tokens for Delegation

Delegators will receive daily payouts in tokens. Token payouts will be equivalent to 0.02 tokens for every 100 SP delegated.

We look forward to sharing our token and profits with the great Qurator members who have always shown us support. Tokens and STEEM payouts will be distributed once per day.


Delegation links for @qurator


After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your Steemit NAME and Private Active Key to delegate.
Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account and that new delegations overwrites the old one. Always use the total amount you want to delegate.



Payouts are subject to @qurator's performance and weekly profits. Changes in Steem Price will affect the payouts and there may be fluctuations in payouts. Payout amounts will vary from day to day, but @qurator will keep them as constant as possible. We have taken into consideration the many factors involved when dealing with cryptocurrency and will do everything in our power to keep risk as low as possible.


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