Introducing the Qurator Token! Details inside!

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Welcome to Qurator’s token announcement!

Qurator and its team are proud to announce that our very own QuratorToken (Q) is going live! Thanks to @aggroed and Steem Engine for making this all possible.

This post will share details and examples of how the Token will work within the Steemit and Steem Engine ecosystem.

  1. Token Details
  2. Supply and distribution
  3. How to get QuratorToken



The QuratorToken will be used as a means of earning passive income by holding the token. Qurator is a curation project and thus we focus on curating original, interesting, and high-quality content. We believe that the QuratorToken will enable us to share some of the curation rewards with those who hold the QuratorToken and support the project.

Earn by Holding

Currently Qurator is averaging 22 SteemPower per day from curation (90-day average). With the token we aim to share 50% of our daily curation rewards with all the token holders. At launch we will have a total of 10 STEEM paid out daily to all token holders. Eventually this will be adjusted to the full 50%, once we do a few rounds of payouts and ensure that all is running smoothly. Payouts will be in STEEM and will be calculated according to how many tokens an account holds.

If Bob holds 20% of the tokens, Alice holds 30% and Sam holds 50%, then the payouts will look like this:

Bob: 2 STEEM/day
Alice: 3 STEEM/day
Sam: 5 STEEM/day

Thus, the more tokens you hold the larger your share of the daily payout. Having said this, there will be a limited number of tokens distributed per round. Round 1 will be 10,000 tokens, which means that if all 10,000 tokens are being held, then 1 token will earn payout of 0.001 STEEM per day. For now less than 5,000 tokens are held by Qurator's members, so the daily payouts amount to more than 0.002 STEEM per token. More tokens will only be issued once our curation over a 90-day period increases to 30 SP/day.

Later on we will have more features for our QuratorToken: pay for upvotes, larger @qurator upvotes for holding tokens and monthly subscriptions for bigger daily upvotes from the @qurator account.



There will only ever be a total of 100,000 QuratorTokens in existence. Only 10,000 tokens will be in circulation in Round 1. This will ensure that all members holding 1 or more tokens will be receiving at least 0.001 STEEM per day. Round 2 will be announced, only once our daily curation rewards have increased.


  • Team, server, consultation, coding = 1,500 Q
  • Marketing, airdrops, competition = 467 Q
  • Buyers and delegators = 6,000 Q
  • QBonds holders = 2,033 Q

QBonds was from a previous ICO project, all QBonds were converted to QuratorTokens at a 1:1 ratio.


3. How to get tokens.

Tokens can be bought or earned by delegating Steem Power to @qurator. There will also be a few airdrops and competitions in the near future, in which you can participate and win QuratorTokens.

Buying Tokens

Tokens can be bought by logging into Steem-Engine and searching for QuratorToken. A guide for buying tokens can be found HERE.

Tokens for Delegation

Delegators will receive daily payouts in tokens. Token payouts will be equivalent to 0.02 tokens for every 100 SP delegated.

We aim to get rid of paid leases, as most of our members are already delegating SP to @qurator for their daily upvotes. This might be a good move to “double dip” a bit and earn upvotes and tokens for your delegation!

We look forward to sharing our token and profits with the great Qurator members who have always shown us support.

Tokens and STEEM payouts will be distributed once per day. Those, who would like to earn some extra tokens, can share their thoughts on the tokens via a post or help us spread the word. Drop your links to posts in the comments below and expect some free tokens and upvotes!


Delegation links for @qurator


After you click the link you will have to check the value, click next and then enter your Steemit NAME and Private Active Key to delegate.
Please remember to leave at least 50SP in your account and that new delegations overwrites the old one. Always use the total amount you want to delegate.



Payouts are subject to @qurator's performance and weekly profits. Changes in Steem Price will affect the payouts and there may be fluctuations in payouts.. Payout amounts will vary from day to day, but @qurator will keep them as constant as possible. We have taken into consideration the many factors involved when dealing with cryptocurrency and will do everything in our power to keep risk as low as possible.


Thank you! Some extra token love heading your way!

Oops, looks like I forgot to drop my post link here. Still got some spare Q tokens for rewards? Here's the link to my post (it sold at least 100 Q tokens as per feedback 😊):

We missed this one a little but luckily you are not too late! You touched the subject in a very good way and even answered the questions perfectly. Looked at both the good and potentially bad point. Lovely! Some Q token love coming your way for sure! Thank you for always showing us such great support!

Pure awesomeness, thanks for spreading the word! Sent some upvote and Q token love your way. =)

Congratulations for this amazing project @qurator I wish you the best of luck ..!!

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Thank you very much!

I'm still not happy I was gelegating 250SP and have a 100% autoupvote on you guys and haven't been upvoted in half a month 🤔

I did get my first payout Today- Lovely!

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Awesome! They will keep coming as long as you hold your Q. Thanks for taking part and always supporting Qurator. =)

Looks like it, but just to confirm. Will non-Qurator members get payouts for holding Q too?

Indeed they will. They will earn tokens for delegating and steem payouts if they hold Q.

Good move going into a token on SteemEngine, will be interesting to see if this streamlines systems, removing tedious checking if upvotes have connected through, hold the tokens and spend more time commenting and connecting with people.

Yep, another way to earn a little passive income while supporting great members and steemians.

Totally cool. So many ground floor opportunities these days and the Qurator team has always done a great job. Being lower sp makes it tough to participate in all services but I may post and delegate to take advantage of the steem and token rewards.

Many thanks to @blacklux for resteeming and sharing this.

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Ex-son! Token era is here to stay! 😀

Try it out for sure, we know this will benefit members quite a bit buy basically double earning. Hope it all runs smoothly and looking forward to seeing you around with your tokens. =)

@qurator, I've published a post talking about the QuratorToken. This is the Portuguese version, and here is it in English.

Indeed it will, we are excited and curious to see how it all plays out. =) Thanks for checking in and taking part. =)

Is delegation the only way to receive Qurator Token?

You can buy them on the internal market or from other holders. Or from @qurator itself (1 STEEM = 1 Q).

@oleg326756, thanks for the informations!!

1000 SP delegated!
I wish you success with this project!

Awesome! Thank you so much, see you already got your first token and steem payouts will go out later today. Appreciate the support!

Congrats ! GodSpeed Qurator 💙

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@qurator, This is really boosting step team and great to know that it was very effective step by me when i invested in Q bond initially. Looking forward to it and wishing you successful journey ahead. Stay blessed team.

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Thanks, yep the early buyers of Qbonds got a little added bonus to their tokens. Thank you for your kind words and support! Enjoy your tokens and payouts! =)

Welcome and great to know that. Thank you so much team.

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Wow, that is a piece of great news (even though it an eventual event for @qurator to launch token). Had been delegating to @qurator since one year ago (just checked), no doubt that @qurator really gave great support to the community and we had grown a lot along with @qurator. Gotta get some Q Tokens now then :)

Appreciate the kind words, we are happy and hopeful that this token can make our members and us as a project grow a little. Only time will tell so lets see how it goes. Thanks for all the support from your side! Enjoy the tokens and payouts!

Congratulations and good luck!!!

Thanks a million!

very nice info thanks for sharing free monero cloud mining!

This post has received a 10.00% complementary upvote from @swiftcash 🤑

Coolbeans, thanks!

Great idea, good luck! :)

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

Stop into Token Town sometime! Interesting coin.

OOOH... Will do. Thanks =)

This token seems to be interesting.

Thanks, hope it goes well in the long run and grand scale of things.

Just bought some! One question though, do we need to stake em?

Awesome! Thank you. No need to stake them.

Interesting. Very similar to the MAPX token ;-)
Although not designed as an upvoting token, our upvotes are currently 33x the equivalent SP.
Have bought some Q to see how you progress.

MAP Rewarder & MAPX token = Really Rewarding!
Free Upvotes = 19-20% APR = Random Bonuses = Stable Growth = 18 Months of Profits

Looks like a pretty interesting service. Will check it out and perhaps buy some of your tokens as well. =)

Thanks! I predicted 6 months ago we'd end up with a banking blockchain - rather like investment funds who stake cross-holdings so that most of them end up with similar returns. We can't, of course, call them that! My hope is that this increase in activity will keep Steemians happy and earning... and on-boarding their friends.

Oh, this is cool! Glad to see another token on Steem Engine!

Indeed, there is a ton of them already and getting more and more difficult to keep track of them. We hope to make a splash with ours over time and when people see the potential.

This is exciting and will be fun to watch!

Exciting indeed! =)

Very interesting... I'll be looking for some more info about this kind of projects... But overall it look like a win-win situation...

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Win-win indeed, our at least we are trying to make it as win-win as possible. Try it out, get some tokens and earn some steem. ;)

In the beginning there was crypto. Crypto was lonely so tokens were created 🤪

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And now we are all playing and enjoying the Token field =)

Happy to be part of the delegators. I earned 6 Qurator tokens so far!

Thanks a ton for your delegation and support, it means a lot and we really appreciate it. We were hoping the tokens could be a way to award and show our appreciation to the larger delegators. Enjoy the tokens and payouts. =)

Sorry. Your token overvalued. I just checked price on steem-engine.


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nobody forces you to buy it

Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

No need to be sorry, value is seen differently from all kinds of views. Time will tell what the token is worth and we know this is an adjustment period. Returns will be much higher now since we still have quite a bit of tokens left. Guess we will have to wait and see.

so what is the ratio you get for delegating sp to Qurator how many tokens do i get for delegating 300 sp for a year

Delegating 300 SP for a year = 3 * 0.02 * 365 = roughly 22 Q tokens in a year time.

thank you Oleg

Молодец, Олег. Хомячки в очередной раз будут побриты из-за отсутствия элементарного финансового образования.

ik weet niet wat je probleem is probeer het eens in het Engels zoals ieder ander het hier doet.

Dit klink na 'n goeie plan!! (Suid Afrikaners kan lekker Nederlands lees en verstaan)
Groete uit Suid Afrika!!

this is really great....

Indeed it is, thanks. =)

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Nice idea @qurator!! I just bought 29 Q's. I presume that the 2433 is all Q tokens left of the first 10000. I f this is correct, they really sold fast!!

Awesome! Thank you for investing in some Q. =)

We have some reserved for airdrops and competitions, but the rest is for sale or can be earned by delegation.

Still a large chunk to be earned by delegators. =)

Thank you, I see I have already received my first Steem from the project in my wallet!!

You got a 30.36% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @qurator! :)

@ocdb is a non-profit bidbot for whitelisted Steemians, current max bid is 25 SBD and the equivalent amount in STEEM.
Check our website for the whitelist, queue and delegation info. Join our Discord channel for more information.

If you like what @ocd does, consider voting for ocd-witness through SteemConnect or on the Steemit Witnesses page. :)

Correct me if I'm wrong, you are selling the Qs for 1 Steem currently. If I hold the Q for 1 year I will receive 0.002 Steem per day at the current rate or 365 x 0.002 = 0.73 Steem per year. That's 73% interest for holding a Q.

This is a great deal!

Even if the rate eventually drops to 0.001 Steem per day, I'm still getting 36.5% interest!!!

Yes, it shows Q is trading for 1 Steem. Well 1 Steemp, which is pegged to 1 Steem.

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Yes, it shows Q is trading for 1 Steem. Well 1 Steemp, which is pegged to 1 Steem.

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Not wrong at all. With that being said if the token price doesn't drop through the floor, I doubt it will though. People will see what payouts are.

0.002 for a while until most tokens are filled then it will most likely drop to 0.001. Will go up and down according to markets/delegations. The bare minimum will be 0.001 so overall we think it is a pretty sweet deal. =)

Thank you for your delegation and participation =)

Hi @qurator, I just wrote an article about your token in my native Czech language. I wish you success with it.

Thank you for the promotion and translation. Sent some extra token love your way. =)

Thank you!

If you put links to deligation (different amount) in the text it is easier to do it (makes more to deligate)

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Great idea, done and done. =) Thanks

Great to hear this news @qurator. I have a post here to promote for you:

Also I am thinking of increasing my SP delegation. Wonder who I should speak to?

Much appreciated @rosatravels! Thanks for the support and the post, there will be some extra token love coming your way. For delegation, we included some links in the post. If you need any help feel free to come chat with us Discord. @scrooger

Thanks for the post.

Nice idea! I already received my first payout, thanks @qurator.

You are most welcome, many more where that came from =)

Much appreciated! Regarding the amount to delegate, we have no minimums. =)

Sent some upvote and token love your way. =)

How to get airdrop ? is it available now or over?
I write good should I write an article now on Qurator..?

Sorry, it is over now.
You can still earn some tokens in our Discord contest though. Feel free to join.
More details here:

Or by delegating to Qurator.

where is the Qurator’s token now see.
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