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RE: Qurator 3.0 - UPDATE POST - Guidelines | Registration Details | Tier Changes

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Great work you do for the community, but the post would have been more helpful if examples had been given. I'm considering delegating 1000+sp but I still am clueless what will my benefits be. 🤔


I think the "T5 x 2" etc. is supposed to signify multipliers of the voting weight for T5, I take it. Instead of setting hard defined percentages for the upper levels, it will remain a constant factor of whatever T5 is set to, as the T5 voting weight is prone to fluctuate.

So, with T5 set at 5%. the voting weights of the upper levels are as follows:

Voting weight Q2.JPG

The 1000+ tier will give you 2 times the T5 upvote weight.

Since our VP and weight fluctuate with the market and members. T5 weight will also fluctuate. Thus, if T5 is 5% this week a 1000+ delegate will get a 10% upvote (2xT5). If Tier is 4.8% then the 1000+ tier will give a 9.6% upvote.

Excuse my nob question. I still need a simple example.
Let's say I delegate 5000sp.
I publish two posts per day. (6 days a week only).
How much sbd should I expect to see from @qurator for each of those posts? If at all..

At the current rates and percentages we will upvote those posts at around 60%.

We only send out upvotes once every 24 hours. So for 7 posts (our bot will upvote an unvoted post after 24 hours) I would estimate around $8x7=$56

Not 100% sure how much that would be in SBD/STEEM, but at current rates it should be way more money value than the $56 shown on payouts.

whoops, repost...

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