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I'm really looking forward to seeing all my fellow foodies here on Tasty Tuesday #64, hosted by our very own @qurator!
Now I hear some say I'm not a member of @qurator - the good news is that it does not matter, this is open to all Steemians, please read the rules in their post.

So, I've been raving about how well hubby's doing on the Keto diet which briefly is a high fat low carb diet.
The results so far:

  • As a Type 1 diabetic his glucose levels have evened out tremendously
  • Using much less insulin
  • Lost 7,5 kg in just under a month
  • Overall feeling a whole lot better with no bloating after meals

I must admit, I've been having fun in my happy space The Kitchen thinking up Keto meals.

What to do with Sunday leftovers - Lemon & Garden Herb Roast Chicken?


No more Chicken Mayo Sandwiches for us! Even though I'm not doing Keto, I have cut down on carbs quite a bit, but my sweet tooth refuses not to have the odd choccie or crunchy cookie :)


I had a lovely fresh Cabbage and used this as my base instead of stodgy Lasagne sheets - very simply separate the cabbage leaves, blanch in boiling water, drain and cut into squares and use as your Lasagne sheets.



  • Cabbage leaves blanched and cut into squares
  • Chicken flaked
  • Half Onion sliced
  • Mushrooms sliced
  • Spring Onion diced
  • Parsley chopped
  • Full fat Cream Cheese
  • Cheddar Cheese grated

Sautee Onions, Mushrooms & Spring Onions in butter and olive oil mix

Add flaked Chicken

Layer Cabbage leaves, Chicken mixture, Cream Cheese & Cheddar Cheese, repeat if required.


Pop under grill

Serve with Gem squash and Avocado - excellent standby for those on Keto
Bon Appetit!

A last quick look at the making of this Keto friendly Chicken Lasagne, enjoy!

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Original Content by @lizelle
Thank you for stopping by
Comments, upvotes & resteems all much appreciated :)
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Well, you know I'm in with the Keto. I'm really happy with how your hubby is doing on it too.

That just looks so good! I've gotten quite used to sauteed cabbage but hadn't thought to use it as a pasta substitute. And the cream cheese is genius. I'm going to give this a try pretty darn soon.

I probably should post pictures of my waffles some day. They really are a pretty good substitute...


Thanks @bigtom13, hubby's been diabetic since he was 7 and has had fluctuating glucose levels most of his life. It's unbelievably stable now, had some scary lows in the beginning so I would not recommend it to a diabetic living alone as I had to force honey into his mouth one day, his reading was 1,3 after 2 teaspoons honey! So one should not have honey when on Keto, but it was an emergency. He tells me he would have died that night if he was alone, felt himself going, said it was weird he actually saw a tunnel and weird lights. He's had many lows but this one was different so diabetics have to monitor themselves more often when on Keto. He seems to have sorted the insulin dosages out now, is feeling a whole lot better!
Please show us your waffles plus the recipe, pleeeeze :)
I really need ideas for Keto snacks when he has a low.
Thank you for your great feedback!

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I have honey in my house with Keto. I use a little to sweeten my green tea. Not one grain of sugar, but I do have honey.

I just made waffles so it will be about 4 days until I make them again. I'll try to remember to take pictures and the recipe. I have a waffle and 4 strips of bacon every morning. I have some zero carb syrup and lots of butter!

I have a friend who is borderline diabetic that follows a modified Keto diet. Works really good for him, he's been over two years since he was last over the line.

And I was just thinking about your Lasagna. Tomorrow is market day so today is use what you have day. I may give it a try using low carb wraps as a lasagna substitute. They are 5 grams net carbs each. I'll use a more 'traditional' filling as I have hamburger and no chicken today. I'll let you know....

Looks pretty tasty! I need to do something about cutting down on my carb intake, but I don't think I would be able to maintain full keto. There are too many things I would be unwilling to give up as long as I am still in good health. This looks fantastic though.


I'm the same @bozz, I've cut back on carbs but am not prepared to give it up altogether, neither will I give up the sweet stuff ;) Hubby's serious about losing his beer belly though, not overweight elsewhere ;) And Keto's really working :):) Thank you for your support!

Love this@lizelle! Using cabbage ipo pasta is simply genius! Glad to hear hubby is having such success, with you in the kitchen I'm not surprised! He is one lucky guy :)


A friend told me about using the cabbage like this, one should not use the thicker part as that makes it watery. Really is delicious! Thank you my friend :)

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oh I love this. My husband's been on keto for a long while now (though he refuses to give up his nightly popcorn, lol!) and loves it. I don't think I'm willing to give up bread totally but I'm definitely interested in moving more towards carb-free. THIS I have to try, as it looks crazy easy and crazy tasty... mushrooms, chicken and cheese?? I'm soooo in!!!!


I have popcorn about three times a week. It is a bit of a carb blast, and I wouldn't have it near that often but my doggy likes it so :) It's the only human food he eats! Besides I only get half when I share with him...


lol at the auto-popcorn-gif account XD

Yeah, my husband doesn't drink or anything, so I always joke that his popcorn at the end of the day is his version of the beer at the end of his day. It's the one routine he will not give up!


I'm also not willing to give up carbs nor the sweet stuff, have cut down though! Thank you for your feedback and support @derosnec :) Popcorn I will not give up either!

Looks tasty 😋 And thanks to sharing the information about the contest! I want to join on some Tuesday!

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Hey @akipponn, look forward to seeing your entry there! There's also a #fff run by @foodfightfriday, quite a fun bunch, I still have to join in there ;) And of course #fruitsandveggiesmonday which will from now on be run from the account of @vegansofsteemit.

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Thank you for the food contests' information!!

I want. Look so tasty🤤🤤🤤🤤


It's real tasty and so easy to prepare @denissemata, thanks for stopping by:)

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ooo yum, Keto recipes for the win! Thanx for the inspiration for dinner tonight ;)


It's really so easy & delicious too @aliciasteyn! Thanks for popping by :)

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That looks so tasty


It was indeed, thank you @tattoodjay:)

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