Such a great post and now I have the Beatle song in my head but thats fine its a great song :)

Was a golden oldie worth sticking around for a bit longer....

This is simply marvelous and I enjoyed every word! Lovely photos of all these gorgeous birds.

Thanks for kind words and visiting Melinda, tip is appreciated always.

Black birds are so special! :)

The Raven is wrapped up in poetry and song, reminder of a birds tenacity to see through winters.

Lovely bird shots and lovely poems Lady Joan.
Of course the Drongo's are my favorites with all of their antics.
I was humming the Beatles song whilst reading the lyrics Lol.

Dongo is a clever bird also love how he dominates his area.
Human connotation to black is intriguing all down the ages.

I love the sounds that Drongos come up with my friend.
Truth about the color of black.

Good work, very good photographs and perfect writing ...

Thanks for kind words and visit.

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black bird very amazing!
and easy to paint :))

Birds big and small always fascinating, thanks for the visit @protosun, enjoy painting not something I do except walls around the home.

Lovely post @joanstewart, don't know why black birds and even black cats have such a bad reputation?

They get a bad wrap and yes for no good reason, always remember poetry whenever I see them glistening in the sun.

Interesting! I often have these preconceived ideas pop into my head when I view crows or even the ravens which are plentiful in our area and which I adore! To me they are magnificent birds and the fact that the ravens stay around all winter here in the cold is worthy of my admiration!
Thanks for sharing!

We have a couple of large crows currently hanging around our area, which led me to remember the songs and poems about the black birds.

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful start to the new month.