Monday Mission Entry

in #qurator9 months ago

The theme or the concept for this week is like treasure hunting which I really like and push me to participate. They gave 7 things that you need to find and capture it with your camera.

The first one is Money

This is our money in my country. Can you guess what currency is it?

Second thing to find is Tea

The problem is I do not have any tea available in my house. But it did not make me stop in participating in the contest. Instead of capturing a tea, I took a shot of my coffee for this morning.Yes it is not tea, but at least I tried to make an effort for this specific theme. Haha!

Third, what inside my fridge

I am not a showy person, so here is just a sneak peak of the things inside my fridge.

Fourth, Tree

This is a pine tree that I took when I went in Baguio. I made a post about it last time

Fifth, Party

A Trick or treat party, where the kids' costume were made by their own or with the help and guidance of their parents/guardian.

Sixth, Shoes

I choose this photo because this was the time where I put effort to make this shoes shine like this. This is my brother's shoes and it was so dirty before. Here is a comparison on how it look before I cleaned them.

Last item, Sweets

My favorite Donuts! I like the unique taste of the yellow one. It taste a combination of banana and bubble gum


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