Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #105 | Roasted Pork with Broken Rice

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Don't ask me why it's called broken rice but that's just what the locals call it! Maybe it's the texture of the rice or the duration it is harvest before it gets picked up. The rice taste more harder than usual but the best part is the roasted pork. All time favourite and signature in Vietnam.

A dish like this cost about VND 35,000 = USD 1.51 = MYR 6.29

I know, it's so affordable right ... And it does the work by filling up the stomach which is sufficient for me.


Well, hope you like this week's choice of food for Tasty Tuesday! Until next time.

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I hope you enjoy my photo as it's taken from my Huawei .


Uhm... I actually wanna ask the question when I read the title... 🤣😂

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When I first saw it, I also ask the same question.
Then I keep seeing it everywhere on the menu in many eateries.

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