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RE: Qurator 3.0 - UPDATE POST - Guidelines | Registration Details | Tier Changes

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Just to be clear:

If I upvote every qurator post and also delegate 100SP, I wind up at tier 3?

Also, do I have to wait to get approved for Tier 1 before I can "apply" for a higher tier through the actions specified?



Yes. Upvoting all posts will get you to Tier 2 + 100 SP = Tier 3.
Make sure the upvotes are minimum 1 cents to count.

No, you will be on higher tier as soon as you meet the requirements :) Remember that votes are counted once a week. Delegations are checked every day.

But it is necessary to pay the 4 STEEM to start regardless of also doing higher tier actions like upvoting all posts or delegating SP? This one I'm asking for someone else, since I already sent the 4 STEEM myself.

Yes, you need to be a member and pay the membership fee before you can do any of the other things.

Thanks for that. =)

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