History of the beginnings humanity. #1

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Nowadays, in a world practically designed to satisfy our needs it is very easy to forget ourselves and more or less take for granted needs like shelter, food and security, but during the 99.999% of our history the thing was quite different. Our history began about 6 million years ago when a group of hominids separated from the rest and our relationship with the primates ended, 2.8 million years ago the Homo genre emerged (here we can talk about humans), we usually think that we are the only ones humans but by the time Homo sapiens evolved (us), there were at least 6 different human species, all comparable in abilities and intelligence, is but we are not even the most successful of all, the homo Erectus existed for about 2 million years, 10 times what we (Homo Sapiens) carry.

It is not known if our "cousins" lost the competition for resources and food or there was a genocide, the important thing is that we only remain. In our DNA there are small traces of DNA Neardental and Homo Erectus, that means there was a certain cross between species (that would explain the behavior of some of my friends) but not enough to say that we are a mixture of species.

For 2.8 million years we discovered the use of tools, or at least that's what the evidence found tells us, but for at least 2 million years there were no great advances until 800,000 years ago we discovered how to use fire, not only It gave us a method to hunt, heat and illumination, but it also allowed us to cook our food making them more nutritious for our brains, as our brain grew it allowed us to do something crucial for our survival and future world domination ... Expand knowledge quickly , preserve the knowledge acquired through the generations and based on past knowledge to have a deeper perspective.

The popular belief is that our ancestors were somewhat stupid but in many ways they were superior to us, they had the body of the current athletes just for their daily routine, they elaborated complex tools that require years of training, survival in hostile environments requires so many skills that the average volume of the brains of our ancient ancestors was surely greater than ours, as a society we are many more advanced and we know much more but in a duel one by one I would not hesitate to bet on one of them.

12,000 years ago in different places the human development agriculture, this changed things radically, in hunting societies all had to have multiple skills in everything for the tribe to survive, but if the food supply depends on a few, the others They can specialize in other areas such as inventing new tools, building, improving crops and animals or in politics.

This underpins the foundations of society since having a predictable and abundant source of food, the need arose to store it, to protect it and to organize ourselves, the more we organized the faster the societies evolved, the towns became cities, the cities in kingdoms and kingdoms in empires.

In successive publications I will talk more about it.


Francisco Queffelec.

You can also read it in my Wku profile

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