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RE: Qurator 3.0 - UPDATE POST - Guidelines | Registration Details | Tier Changes

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Curator is growing big. Well done!

I didn’t get the new Tiers. What does 2x, 3x and so on mean?


Multipliers of the voting weight for T5, I take it. Instead of setting hard defined percentages for the upper levels, it will remain a constant factor of whatever T5 is set to, as the T5 voting weight is prone to fluctuate.

For example, with T5 set at 5%, the weights for the upper levels are:
Voting weight Q2.JPG

Thank you! :)

With the base vote always fluctuating we are trying the bigger tiers with mulitpliers of the Tier 5 upvote.

So if Tier 5 is 5% this week then Gold (T5 x 4) will be 20%.

Hope that makes sense =)

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