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RE: Qurator 3.0 - UPDATE POST - Guidelines | Registration Details | Tier Changes

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First of all, amazing post as always @qurator, resteemed for all my followers to join and grow this great community.

Second: it's incredible to see how you improved the tiers and how you're doing the best for Steemit. Personally, I don't have enough SP to delegate (so bad) but once I reach enough SP, I will delegate you without doubting.

Third: from all the projects I've seen in my short time being here, @qurator and @thealliance are the best for me (my apologies if I mention both projects but I can't help recognizing the huge commitment and help you both have provided me).

Keep rocking and giving the best for all of us, you have here a Steemian who totally supports you.


Thanks for the kind words, really appreciate it! The resteem goes a long way and we are always grateful. =)

Yes, the tiers are a new attempt to get more SP so we can support more members. Leases and steem prices won't carry us forever.

@thealliance is a great project and we are honored and happy to share a comment with them. They are a great project indeed! =)

Is the steem power payment a one-off fee? so can I gradually contribute per tier as a one-off until diamond for example? (I am a long way off too but I have been here for a month and I love it and I try so hard too! and I have been introduced by the wonderful @aussieninja :) so I bought some steem dollars with some ethereum I had, and I have transferred 4 to you today) I only have 30 steem power. I stupidly bought cryptokitties last november, I am hoping I can sell them later this year and then I will invest all that ethereum on to this platform :)

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